Luxurious Wooden Tall Kitchen Table with Storage

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Having luxurious wooden tall kitchen table with storage is a must to complete your modern kitchen. Usually, this kind of table is found on public dining settings like in restaurants or pubs, typically used as buffet table in hotels. But, why not try to bring this beautiful perfect furniture into our house?

The Functional Tall Kitchen Table

This piece of furniture is for you who like to make your kitchen look beautiful yet functional. With all of ugly kitchen tables out there, this tall table is a treasure to complete your modern kitchen. Glass material is a must to make your kitchen look glossy, and also importantly easy to clean. The shiny surface will make your kitchen look luxurious as well. However, glossy surface can make your table seem too cold and not inviting. This is when the wood comes in. The brown color of wood adds warmth to your table. The beige bridges the gloss and brown color properly.

Storages are available on table sides with leg rooms. These leg rooms can make you comfortable when sitting around the table doing kitchen work. These leg rooms are also perfect for you and your friends or family to gather around chatting. This kind of tall kitchen table usually comes in set with matching stools. The storages can store all kinds of kitchen utensils and cooking spices for cooking lovers. You can also display all kinds of trinkets, souvenir, flowers, or any other kinds of decorative pieces. This makes this kind of kitchen table has very high functionality.

Tall kitchen table is definitely worth it if you are very active in your kitchen. It will be a nice addition to your kitchen counters, existing storages, and other hardware. This design would be even more beautiful if you match the glass and wooden material with the rest of your kitchen.

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