Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Table Plans

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There are reclaimed wood kitchen table plans that can be applied. One of them is long and wide rectangular design with bench. This kind of table is suitable for large room where people gather around and enjoy having meal. Reclaimed table is specific furniture in certain countries. The design comes in many variations. Most of them still preserve traditional long rectangular. Another design decreases the size but still has long part of table. You can consider reclaimed table to be placed at kitchen.

Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Table with Bench

You can create reclaimed wood kitchen table with few tools and wooden material. To look more appealing, don’t paint this table with color, but let natural pattern shows its beauty. To hold pressure from above, the table uses four stands in each of corners. You can pick one of two options for stand. Firstly, use strong wood with different hardness to hold the tabletop. Secondly, you may try use metal because it is capable to handle the large surface.

In this furniture, you use two long benches. You can put on long side of table then the rest is in opposite direction. In short side of table, do not put anything. Reclaimed table is placed where people sit facing each other during meal. This is basic concept of table. If you create this table on your own, the size should be adjusted with kitchen space. In addition, If buying at store, it would be wise to ask for customized package.

The benefit of reclaimed wood kitchen table is you will get the bench separately. This kind of table does not have foot line below, so you can put bench under the table directly. If you want to use it, pull out the bench then adjust the gap between table and bench. Originally, there is no bench on short side of table. However, you can put chairs or stools to let more people sitting around the table.

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