Oval Kitchen Table and Chairs for Small Spaces

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People use oval kitchen table and chairs for small spaces effectively in house. Having small kitchen and dining room does not mean less choice for stunning furniture. In small house, kitchen and dining room might be in one room and no separation. For this purpose, you need furniture with flexible design without losing aesthetic aspect. Classic rectangular shape for table might be your first choice, but this shape is less flexible. As you know, rectangular has corner which consume the space. Comparison between oval, circle, and rectangular shapes with the same size shows interesting result. When the oval and rectangular tables are placed in room, the oval one looks smaller. This is the reason why oval is the suitable shape for small kitchen.

Oval Kitchen Table in Attractive Designs

Oval kitchen table use hardwood as material and just a little pattern on top. Table with oval style use similar stand. Moreover, this furniture only has one stand below the surface, though four stands are available. With one stand at the center, you can get more spaces under table. To increase stability, at the lowest part of stand, you can see four horizontal pillars. They will hold pressure from above then distribute it equally to each side.

Overall design of table is simple with black as primary color. Furthermore, chairs are also used in small kitchen. In oval kitchen table, you can configure chairs in many ways. Oval is similar to circle, which means no definite placement of four chair around table. This is the advantage of oval shape. Each of chairs has the same distance, so they are suitable to improve family bonding. Primary color of chairs is similar to table with black style of backrest.

The sitting place is made of leather. To give variation, this part uses brighter colors such as white or grey. You can buy complete oval kitchen table with chairs. Buying complete sets will save time and money. Moreover, chair and table is similar design and style so you do not have to find the other furniture.

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