Narrow Kitchen Table with Stools and Dark Accent

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Narrow kitchen table with stools and dark accent is a good choice to make the kitchen livelier. Narrow table is smaller than regular and it is placed next to the wall. Mostly, this kind of table is rectangular because you need to put it side by side with the wall. Functionality of this table is similar to the regular one. The only distinction is position of the room, though narrow table might come from regular kitchen table. The definition and application of this furniture are usually interchangeable.

Narrow Kitchen Table and Its Configuration

You do not have to bother when using narrow kitchen table. The important matter is about how you arrange room with this furniture to look more appealing. The material is wooden and the table surface is flat. This kind of furniture resembles the table in small restaurant where they are placed it near the wall. The color is black to make it look neutral. You can combine black with dark or bright colors depend on the room theme. Black is able to blend perfectly with table design. Simple table looks elegant with black accent.

Narrow table will look good with stools. You may use chairs, but stool is preferable. Stool is chair without backrest, so people can sit there and go easily. This kind of furniture represents flexibility. Moreover, the table contains four stools. The design for stools is similar to table. There is no flashy pattern and white sitting place will give the variation. This place is covered with high quality leather to feel more convertible. The advantage of stool is that it is easy to lift and move to another side of table. Original composition of stool is facing each other. You can change this arrangement based on the table location.

Table and stools have four stands to hold pressure from above. Using this style makes the stools capable to handle heavy pressure. Moreover, the stands will keep balance because they distribute the force equally. On lower part of table, you can see foot holder to let your feet stand on this line. Furthermore, narrow kitchen table is your top choice for kitchen decoration.


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