Marble Kitchen Table Sets in Black Color

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Marble kitchen table sets in black color are the new way to decorate kitchen in house. Before exploring further about this thing, you might be interested in marble table. Generally, this kind of table is very heavy and rarely to place in kitchen. People use marble as material for tile, floor, or wall. It is not common material for furniture. However, new technology emerges then change marble into potential material for kitchen. Combination between design, color, and shape makes this thing look beautiful for kitchen and dining table.

Marble Kitchen Table Color and Design

The design for marble kitchen table is simple. It is designed in rectangular model with no pattern at all. Four stands are placed at each corner to keep the balance. There is no foot line under table in order to create much space. This table is accompanied with six chairs. Two chairs are facing each other. To distinguish this furniture with other, you can apply black as the main color. All of table part is full black, including the table surface and stand. You can add flower vase for decoration on top the table.

Chairs still play the key role in kitchen table. The color is similar to kitchen. All of them are in black, including sitting part and backrest. There are no other colors in this furniture. Moreover, the chairs are not only marble, but you can also use metal, stainless steel, or wooden. Pay attention to chair ornament or pattern. It would be better if there is no pattern in chair at all.

This kind of furniture is suitable for modern and contemporary theme of kitchen. Black acts as opposite of white, but both of them have high possibility to match with most of decorations. If you want neutral furniture, marble kitchen table is a good choice. Another advantage of marble is its durability. During dinner, there is a chance for table to get scratched. Moreover, people might spill oil or water that ruins the table surface. By using marble, you do not have to worry about such things anymore.

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