September 2016

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The Best Round Kitchen Table Decor Ideas

by September 29, 2016 Furniture Table 0 0

If you are looking for the best round kitchen table decor ideas, you have come to the right place. Adding extra decoration is usually crucial in making a room look..

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White Kitchen Table Set with Bench

by September 29, 2016 Furniture Table 0 0

What reminds you of outdoor picnics more than white kitchen table set with bench? A bench can not only be placed outdoor, but it can also be placed indoor to..

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The Extendable Vintage Kitchen Table Formica

by September 25, 2016 Furniture Table 0 0

For you who like vintage looks, you might want to consider purchasing an extendable vintage kitchen table Formica and metal. Some Formica kitchen tables might look very cheap and too..

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Luxurious Wooden Tall Kitchen Table with Storage

by September 23, 2016 Furniture Table 0 0

Having luxurious wooden tall kitchen table with storage is a must to complete your modern kitchen. Usually, this kind of table is found on public dining settings like in restaurants..

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Stainless Steel Kitchen Table with Drawers

by September 22, 2016 Furniture Table 0 0

Well, do you want to find stainless steel kitchen table with drawers? Before choosing any table for your kitchen, decide to know its function. If you want to have it..

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Small Round Kitchen Table and Chairs for Minimalist Room

by September 22, 2016 Furniture Table 0 0

Do you want to have small round kitchen table and chairs for minimalist room? There are lots of sizes and shapes of dining table to choose. You might a little..

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Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Table Plans

by September 20, 2016 Furniture Kitchen Table 0 0

There are reclaimed wood kitchen table plans that can be applied. One of them is long and wide rectangular design with bench. This kind of table is suitable for large..

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Pub Style Kitchen Table Sets with Simple Models

by September 19, 2016 Furniture Kitchen Table 0 0

If you are pub owner, pub style kitchen table sets with simple models will be a good choice. At first glance, this furniture does not have any luxury at all...

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Oval Kitchen Table and Chairs for Small Spaces

by September 18, 2016 Kitchen 0 0

People use oval kitchen table and chairs for small spaces effectively in house. Having small kitchen and dining room does not mean less choice for stunning furniture. In small house,..

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Narrow Kitchen Table with Stools and Dark Accent

by September 16, 2016 Furniture Kitchen Table 0 0

Narrow kitchen table with stools and dark accent is a good choice to make the kitchen livelier. Narrow table is smaller than regular and it is placed next to the..