Farm Style Kitchen Table with Bench Brings Unique and Antique Looks

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Farm Style Kitchen Table with Bench Brings Unique and Antique Looks

Are you boring with your kitchen table? Farmhouse table might be your suggested option. Farm style kitchen table is built from economical and available woods. It has been popular since 1800 until now. The characteristics of this kitchen table are sturdy, quite heavy, and dominated by brown color. There are many types of farmhouse table: the original, understated, rugged, recycled, the steal, geometric, and zinc-topped. Each type has different material and time to produce. The original type is the first type ever of farmhouse table. It is built by farmers with simple equipment for their own home furniture.

The understated farm style kitchen table type has neat detail, solid, and commonly made of teak. Meanwhile, the rugged type has extraordinary corners that you cannot expect. These unexpected corners will give unique and antique looks. It is commonly made of heavy oak. The recycled table is made of reclaimed woods and being united by the nail. In addition, recycled kitchen table has high art value for those who know about art. On the other hand, the steal table will create clean, light, and contemporary look. The geometric types commonly play on the architectural edge. It such a dynamic kitchen table but keep saving its antique looks. The last is zinc-topped farmhouse table. It can be easily known as zinc-topped table which has silver surface.

If you are boring enough of your common kitchen table, you might try farm style kitchen table. Its simplicity and uniqueness bring different atmosphere in your kitchen. Many kinds of farmhouse with bench can be easily found in the furniture gallery and shopping center. You are also able to order your own design in carpenter, so it will be limited edition. If it is possible, you can try to make your own table and bench because it is easy enough to make them. So, which type of farmhouse table do you choose?


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