Super Romantic and Multifunctional Counter Height Kitchen Table Sets with Bench

by July 8, 2016

A counter height table has average height of 36”. Because of its height, it efficiently could be placed in kitchen area for an additional preparation space. Aside from being additional spot in the kitchen, counter height tables are considered as more casual and easy to blend with other furniture in any room. Its height also does well in a small area as it gives an illusion of taking only less space. Moreover, counter height table gives you a sense of informality and relaxed feeling than the lower or normal table. For the reasons, we prefer to choose counter height kitchen table sets rather than the other types.

The counter height kitchen table sets would warm your dining or kitchen area. It has great walnut finish with 1” by 12” butterfly leaf for more or less room. It is designed by solid wood structure. With 36” height, 10” length and 48” width, the table is snug enough to slip into your dining room. Moreover, with 172 lbs weight, you could move it around easily. It comes with six charming upholstered chairs and a comfortable bench, also upholstered. All of them are made of wood. This is a simple kitchen tables you should look at for the first time when you need a simple counter height table.

Counter height dining table has lots of design. This one is a contemporary design. It has simple, strong, yet charming lines.  The table has dimension of 43″ x 49″~67″ x 36″H. It is roomy enough for a family dinner, right? You not only get a table because it also includes 6 chairs and a bench completed with each of it upholsters. With quality materials and durable construction, you should not worry about the maintenance. You need some assembly before using this counter height kitchen table sets, but you should not worry because with a mechanical screw and carefully reading of the manual, you should do it well in no time.

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