The Rustic Booth Style Kitchen Table with Bench for Small Kitchen

by June 28, 2016

Booth style kitchen table now is very well-known for kitchen interior. It can be the best choice for your minimalist home. However, when you want to decorate your small kitchen with this design, you should estimate the space carefully. In addition, this style is usually merged with the bench as dining chair. The rural impression is very exquisite. Then, the other component which included into this style is booth style dining sets. Moreover, the use of bench represents the rustic impression. You can enjoy your dinner comfortably with the extraordinary bench as a part of dining seat.

As information, the combination between booth style kitchen table and wooden bench looks very original and natural. For example, put the wooden square table with dark glass as countertop. The use of bench as dining chair will minimize the use of space at your small kitchen. In other words, for its size, you can also minimize the seats. Furthermore, for the arrangement of the table and bench, you can add the dark square pattern carpet as the flooring base. It will enhance the appearance of your kitchen.

In addition, there is another design which still relates to the booth style kitchen. It carries the rustic theme too, but which make it different to the others is the furniture and arrangement. Although this booth style kitchen table is still combined with a bench, the design is different. This bench is made of wood which completed with soft cushion that make it looks old-fashioned. Therefore, there is stool as complement for the bench to give the simple overview. Moreover, the square table made of light wood that covered by plywood represents the bright style. This combination is very attractive and perfect to be the focal point. The colors surely give the natural and calm nuance.

The Rustic Booth Style Kitchen Table with Bench for Small Kitchen 2

The Rustic Booth Style Kitchen Table with Bench for Small Kitchen 1

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