Black Round Kitchen Table with Leaf and Chairs

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Black Round Kitchen Table with Leaf and Chairs 3

We have at least two choices of round kitchen table in the market: the table with leaf and the solid table. The leaf table is commonly known as drop-leaf table. It has a fixed section in the center and the hinged parts (called ‘leaf’) on each of its sides. The leaf could be folded down (or ‘dropped’) when not in use. Moreover, you could fold it up when you friends come and need more places at your dining table. Compared to solid table, leaf table would be more convenient in a small room. The choices of colors are abundant. You could choose the soothing color, warm accent, cheerful paints, or even you could have black round kitchen table.

Try the elegant black dual drop leaf pedestal table. It came with 4 elegant chairs, also in black. All are made of quality solid parawood. It is great for your home as it can brighten any hearts in your dining area. In addition, it is nimble enough to be placed in a not so big room. Its 42”surface is parted by 2 of 9” drop leaf on each side and leaving roomy center of 24” for two. If the leaf is folded up, you could invite two friends or more for a merry dinner on the great butcher block surface of your beloved black round kitchen table.

Besides, you could also choose another black round kitchen table for more intimate moments. A black round pedestal drop-leaf table would be charming stuff for your home. With 4 chairs in black finishing, it would be perfect combination for your most envied black round kitchen table and chairs. It is sturdy and made of 100% real solid hardwood. With no veneers, MDF or particle woods, it is perfect for your great taste. Moreover, with 42” diameter, featured with two 9” wide drop leaves, the classic chairs, and the black finish, the table will be not only a dining table, but it is also a piece of collection as well as the source of pride for your home.

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  1. Where can this kitchen set the black round drop leaf be purchased at … I have been looking for exactly this set. Thank you !

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