White-Orange Chevron Rug For Living Room

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White-Orange Chevron Rug For Living Room 1

Having something simple, it can be as simple as a chevron rug, in your living room can make your living room look cozier than ever before. Living room is where you and your family is having a quality time when they have been through a lot of thing in their busy days. Making the room nice will make sure that you will have a great time spending together. One of the way to make that happen is by having a rug laying on the floor and next to the comfortable sofa.

White-Orange Chevron Rug

One perfect example of how to chevron rug can make the living room a cozy place for a family is what you see from the picture. It is designed by French architect, Margaux Beja. This apartment is refereed as “The Cube” since it has a lot of hidden storage area which will make this relatively small place a quite livable for anyone. We have to admit that white and orange is two color that will make the room look cheerful and bright. Many people also refer orange as the color which can freshen up the room.

That is why, having a white-orange rug can be a great option for your living room. All you have to do is just picking a grey sofa to complement the room. You can also have the floor made from wood material to give the room a natural look. In the picture, you can see how the designer creatively some drawer which can also be used as a sofa. This is a good idea for your small apartment. To make the room look nicer, you can have a cream-colored artistic lamp above the sofa. As a final touch, you may put three small coffee table with the same color tone as the drawer has. So, decorating your living room with a chevron rug can be very easy.

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