Dark Blue Sofa For A Cozy Living Room

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Dark Blue Sofa For A Cozy Living Room 4

Having a dark blue sofa in a living room can, in fact, improve your mood. If you do not believe it, then take a peek at this home design with a blue sofa at the center of the room by Konstantin Kononenko. The apartment is quite small with 495 square but still managed to successfully design a nice, comfortable living room. As we all have been aware, sofa is one of the most important aspect of the living room. It is almost impossible to have a comfortable living room without a comfortable sofa.

Dark Blue Sofa For A Cozy Living Room 1

Beautiful Dark Blue Sofa

When it comes to sofa, nobody can resist a beautiful dark blue sofa like you can see form the picture. For most of the time, this sofa can bring a cozy atmosphere into the room. Besides, learning from the design in the picture, you can see how this sofa can be a center of the attention without making other furniture less valuable. In fact, you do not have to worry about what color do you have to paint the wall as this sofa can go with any color. You can paint the wall white in this case.

Dark Blue Sofa For A Cozy Living Room 2

For giving a natural look to the room, you can pick a wood floor. Picking the cream-colored wood floor as it will perfectly match with the wall color tone. For a completely natural look, you can also put a wood working table. Make sure that the wood working table color tone has the same tone with the floor.

Dark Blue Sofa For A Cozy Living Room 3

The room will be nicer if you can put a blue-cream floor carpet with a flower accent. This will add the style of the room and make it more sophisticated. For the final touch, you can put a dark cupboard and a black standing reading lamp next to the sofa. There you go, you have a nice living room with a dark blue sofa and other supporting furniture.

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