Simple Black, White, And Yellow Home Design Ideas

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Simple Black, White, And Yellow Home Design Ideas 1

When color selection seems so very difficult for you to deal with, then having a simple color theme for your house can be a good thing to do. As a visualization of Konstantin Kononenko shows you, a simple black-white-yellow home design can be very simple yet breathtaking at the very same time. Many people have found that a house should have more color to bring the joy and a cheerful nuance. Nonetheless, that is not always true. You can also bring those feelings with some simple color as well. All you need to do is making sure that you can fid the right composition for each furniture.

Simple Design, Enchanting Look

Konstantin Kononenko shows you how a simple black-white-yellow home designshould be executed. One very important thing that you can peek for this brilliant home design is how the designer can naturally make the white become slightly dominant without being too much. Having a dominant white-color room can be too overwhelming for some people, but this room is very refreshing. Making the white color dominant will make the room look bright and minimize the possibility of bad lightning and well, bad electric bill too!

You can paint all of the wall white in this case. Once you have finished with that, you can wisely pick the furniture. Picking black sofa, dark-wood TV cupboard, a dark wood dining table and some black chairs to accompany the dining table. For the yellow part, you can start with some nice yellow circle lamps to be put above the dining table. You can also put a yellow book-shelf in one side of the wall. Having a yellow standing reading lamp next to the sofa can also be a good idea, too. For the final touch, you can have a plant in the room to give it a natural atmosphere. So, isn’t this black-white-yellow home design so simple?

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