Black And White Bathroom Design For A Limited Space

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Black And White Bathroom Design For A Limited Space 4

Having a limited space for your bathroom is not a problem since this black-white bathroom design will always transform it into a nice bathroom there ever is. Having a limited space for building a bathroom has been one of many people’s problem when it comes to building a new house. Everybody wants to have more space for the bathroom because this will allow them to decorate it as comfortable as possible. However, in a creative designer, a nice, well-designed bathroom can be made in a limited space.

Black And White

As you can see from the visualization by Konstantin Kononenko that black-white bathroom design can be very hard to resist. Nobody can guess that these two simple color palette can make your relatively small bathroom become visually larger than it actually is. You can also see that a right arrangement of the furniture and interior is another key point of making your small bathroom design a success.

First thing first, you have to deal with the wall. You can easily paint one side of the wall white and the other side of the wall black. Based on the picture, the designer is smartly paint the wall by turn. If you decide to have this theme, make sure that you take a closer look at your furniture color selection. It is wiser if you pick white and glass furniture for your bathroom. As you can see from the picture, almost all of the furniture is white or glass. However, you can also pick wood furniture too. The designer of the room pick a simple wood bathroom table. The table is quite simple with nice accent and perfectly match white wall color tone.

One simple tips about this theme is make sure that you can make the white color a little bit dominant over the black. This will allow you to have a good lightning, as you can see from the picture. So, enjoy decorating you black-white bathroom design.

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