Silver Minimalist Interior Design For Your Apartment

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Silver Minimalist Interior Design For Your Apartment 9

Every loves silver color, and when it comes to minimalist design, silver minimalist interior can win everybody’s heart. As you can see from the picture of a beautiful, simple minimalist apartment design by Polish Studio Tamizo,a silver-themed room design can be the perfect idea for a house. Learning from the pictures, you will see how this color can naturally connect the living room and the kitchen smoothly and beautifully. With limited space, silver minimalist interior can make the room look twice bigger and brighter and the room really is.

Silver, Cream, and White

These three color works the best when they are together. Even though silver is the main color for this silver minimalist interior, you can always make mix it up with some other furniture with these two color. For the main furniture, you can start with a sofa. Sofa is among the most important furniture that can give the room its character and style. Having silver sofa with a chair can be a great idea for your living room. You can finish this nice arrangement by putting a silver floor carpet below the sofa. This arrangement will make the living room cozier.

For the wall, you had better stick to white. Painting the wall white will make the room look brighter. This is very important because the silver color will tend to absorb the light and make the room darker. That is why, you need to balance it with the wall. One of the most brilliant feature of this room design is its wall painting next to the sofa. Knowing that the main color of the room can be so limited, the designer creatively find the wall painting as a way to live up the room. It will add the style of the room and make it less boring. As a final touch, you can get a black wall curtain. In fact, silver minimalist interior design is very simple yet attractive.

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