Purple Room Design: A Pop Ideas For Your Living Room

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Purple Room Design A Pop Ideas For Your Living Room 1

Having a purple living room design for a new holiday season can be a good change of the year for your house. If you are so bored with your old color of the living room, this is something that you are looking for. Many people are too afraid to experiment their living room with a playful color, like purple. That makes sense because without knowing how to wisely deal with the color selection, this color can be too weird for a living room. However, in fact, that seems like not an impossible thing to do as you can see from the pictures taken by Archivizer.

Make It Balance!

If there is one cardinal rule of how to make a room work the best, that would be knowing the color selection. Purple is a nice color, but if you cannot make it match with other color, this will never work. Learning from this room, you can see that you do not have to paint everything purple, but just stick to one side of the wall. This will make the purple become the center of attention without being too much. As an additional touch, you can get some purple-cream sofa couch to make it balance for this purple living room design.

Second of all, you can paint the side of the wall white. This neutral color can make the rook look brighter as the purple color will absorb the light ad make it look darker. Having a cream sofa and a cream-color wood floor is also nice idea since cream can perfectly blend with purple. In fact, wood floor will make the room look way natural that it actually is. The final touch is the lightning. Make sure that the room get enough lightning by having some windows in the room. A the end of the day, purple living room design can be so easy and beautiful!

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