Cream-Red Living Room: A Cozy Living Room Idea

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Cream-Red Living Room A Cozy Living Room Idea 11

A cream-red living room is definitely not a boring room for your family. Cream and red are two different color with different style and perspective. Cream is a color why many people perceive as a warm, comfortable color. However, this color can be very boring if you cannot deal with the perfect color selection. On the other hand, red reflects a cheerfulness and bright side of the room. Having these two color combined in a room will make the room both the warmth and the cheerfulness that your family needs as you can see from the pictures taken by Ozhan Hazirlar.

The Lightning Matters

This perfect color combination will never fail in making the room look cozy and playful at the same time. That is why, in order to show off its strength, you need a good lightning in the room. Having some glass windows and some bright lightning in the ceiling can be very useful. Plus, these windows can bring in some fresh air in the morning. Hence, there is no bad thing can come out of this.

As you can see from the pictures of this cream-red living room, the designer can naturally balance the color selection of the room. For instance, the wall. In order to anticipate the sunlight coming in from the window, the designer choose to pain one side of the wall with red color. This color will tone down the brightness of the room. Having some cream-red accessories on the wall will make the room look nicer and sophisticated.

The selection of the furniture is also important. Having a cream sofa, a cream floor carpet, and  some cream window curtains make the room look brighter and alive. In order to give a natural look to the room, the designer pick a brown floor material as a final touch. Hence, if you like this cream-red living room idea, you can always start decorating your room right now.

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