Eye-Candy Black-White Living Room Ideas

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Eye-Candy Black-White Living Room Ideas 4

If you are fan of black-white home design, then maybe this black-white living room idea can be a smart choice for you. Taken by Proyecta 3D Studio, this room shows us how rich, elegant, and sophisticated these two simple color can bring into the room. If you are thinking that these two color can only make the room look dull, you had better start thinking again because it definitely doe not. All You have to do is making sure that you pick the right furniture and interior to keep the room alive.

Pay Attention To The Detail

When you have decided to take these two simple color as the main color of your room, focusing your attention to the detail stuffs is very important, such as selecting the color scheme, finding the right accessories, creating the wall design, and arranging the position of each furniture. This is very important to balance the color of the room in the first place.

As a starter, you can paint the wall stark white. Start white will make your black-white living room look brighter and, of course, bigger. You can also pick a big and cozy white sofa to be placed in your living room. Put two coffee tables in front of it. Pick a white coffee table and black coffee table. After that, you can balance the brightness of the room with the floor. Pick the dark wood as the floor material for your living room. Its design will also give the room a natural look.

The last but not the least, you can take a black-colored TV table. This will work as it will perfectly match with the TV color and the floor. As a final touch, you can buy a black-white sofa couch. In the end, you will find your black-white living room a nice place to get relaxed.

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