White-themed Living Room Ideas

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Having a white-themed living room might be the best option for those of you who are not great with picking color. As you can see from the pictures, the room is beautifully designed by Innovato Architektura and is a private resident at Toya Golf and Country Club in Wroclaw. If you look at the design, you will feel surprised how come a white-themed design can be so beautiful and elegant. Based on this picture, we will take a closer look at some ideas on how to deal with white-themed living room design.

Design And Color Selection Matter

As you have the simple color on earth as the main color of the room, then the design and other furniture matter. As you can see, you can have pain the wall, the window, and the ceiling white marble. This color is very well-known for its brightness. This will let the room to look bigger that it actually is. However, you cannot let this color stand alone.

One advantage of having white as the main color of the room is that, this will give you much wider selection of color for the other furniture. Some color that you can pick range from gray, soft brown, black, taupe, and many more. However, if you cannot really deal with many color, you can try to stay with some color which can neutrally match with white, such gray and brown. From the picture you can see how the designer can wisely pick the gray window curtain and brown cozy sofa to live up the room.

The design of the room should not be missed, too. You can make the stairway next to the living room to make the room nicer and elegant. You can discuss it with your personal architecture in this matter. In the end, white-themed living roomdesign can turn your rigid living room into a nicer, cozy one.

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