Cool Teen Room Design Idea For Teenage Boy

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Cool Teen Room Design Idea For Teenage Boy 18

If your teenage son has been begging you to get him a new bedroom, you do not have to build a new room for him. Instead, you can always get him a new bedroom with a cool teen room design. That is quite normal for your teenage son to ask for a new bedroom design as they have grown up and it seems like his childish-looking bedroom will be just an issue for his friends to mock him! That is why, it might be the best time for you to use your creativity and make his room your cooler.

Stay Practical Without Neglecting The Style

One important thing about a teen room is the practicality. The more practical the room, the better. However it does not mean that you cannot make his room still be in line with the whole concept of the house. You can still make it. Firstly, you can pick the right furniture in his room, such as studying table. Stay neutral with the table color, but try to play with other color for the chairs and the studying lamp. Picking a blue chair and a neon-colored studying lamp can be a good example of this as what HQTeam did with the teen room design in these pictures.

Having a colorful floor carpet is also a good idea. However, you should make sure that the color of the color carpet can match the color of the other furniture. In this picture, you can see that a carpet with the combination of blue, cream, and white makes the room cozier. Lastly, you can finish his room by having a movable book shelves on the wall. This shelves can be moved as he wants it to be.

Decorating your son with a teen room design is not a hard task to do is you start doing it now. Good luck.

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