Open Floor Plan For Your Lovely Kitchen

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If you are dreaming to have a nice living room and kitchen which are nicely connected at your house, you can wake up now because you can make your dream come true by having an open floor kitchen. This design will allow you to have your comfortable, cozy living room with your lovely kitchen. Can you imagine how comfortable they will be? You can always fill your wine glass from your kitchen without having to be left out of your favorite TV series!

Open Floor Plan For Kitchen

One important rule of constructing an open floor kitchen is knowing how to balance the color tone and the lightning. As you are going to connect two different rooms into one well-connected room, you surely do not want to have unbalance color tone or bad lightning. These two important aspects should be in our mind before we start constructing our open floor plan. As you can see from these picture by Alexander Shabalin, these two components can be perfectly matched.

That is why, selecting white as the main color of the wall and both rooms can be the most suitable option you should pick. You can also pain the counter tops and the ceiling white, too. After that, you can make this open floor plan perfect by combining it with some black interior, such as black wood veneer and black-mast lamps above the dining table. These dark-colored furniture will balance the room and tone down the brightness of the room.

You can also have a dark dining table and some brown chairs to accompany the table. On the wall, you discuss it wit your constructor to make some wall design which can combine the white color and the black color as you can see from the picture. The last but not the least, you can have some windows to let sunlight come inside the room and make it more cozy to be the place to hang out.

Decorating can be fun, right? Primarily if you can have an open floor kitchen at your house!

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