A Big Window for Your Modern Home Design

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A Big Window for Your Modern Home Design 2

Do you have a house in a tropical area? It absolutely makes you need to create more spaces for ventilation. The ventilation is flowing fresh air to the house in order to prevent stiflingly hot. It does not matter the shape and design of air ventilation but it is totally needed to save the electricity budget. To save your monthly budget, it is better to create a home design with big window concept. This big window is looking great for modern home design having high esthetic values. These following home designs are inspiring you to organize your house with big windows.

A Traditional House Facing to the Beach

If you decide to have a house located in coastal area, you should consider setting big windows for the house. It is useful to monitor surrounding areas and beautiful beach panorama. It is really a great view to see from a house with big windows. You can see it anytime and anywhere. To create a unique look, you may build a traditional house for the home design. This house has a traditional roof and ceilings with wooden furniture items and hardwood floors and walls to capitalize the surrounding panorama in the beach.

A Modern Home Design with Huge Windows

For those liking living in countryside area, it is possible to establish a modern home design. The countryside area usually has a marvelous view with trees and a series of residences. The light shining through back windows can be exploited to light your house with natural light source. It makes your house feel warmer and more comfortable with the sun exposure. Big windows in the house are useful to control home situation from the nice to bad panorama when both winter and summer come. Make sure that you have completed to modern style details for your home design with big glass windows.

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