Glass Floor Home Design

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Glass Floor Home Design 1

If you think that you have already made your house unique and breathtaking, you should definitely the glass floor house crated by Gisele Taranto Architecture. The ideas of putting glasses on the floor is just really out of the box. Teaming up with LZ Studio, Gisele Taranto Architecture make the idea even more breathtaking and enchanting by putting thousands of mirror shades in the space between the subfloor on the base ground and the final floor. This idea, in fact, is very simple, but nobody has been successful in wrapping the ideas to make it into reality until they finally do.

There is no surprise that there will be a lot of people questioning the feasibility of the idea in the real home design. One question like whether the sturdiness of theglass floor can hold the weight of people living in the house or not may ever cross our mind. In fact, that is also a quite serious question that the designer should take a closer look at before making it as one of the most feasible, unique home floor design.

Apart from the feasibility of the this home floor design, the look that it brings in to the room is very attractive and stunning. Since it takes glass and mirror as two of the primary material of this home floor, you can see how the lightning can be reflected by the floor which will make the room look brighter than it actually is. Beside, the natural and fresh atmosphere it brings into the room is always refreshing to look at.

With this exceptional home floor design, you do not need some fancy, high-end furniture at your house, this floor will steal the attention of the visitor of your house without even looking at the furniture for sure. So, if you think this is feasible for you, change your ordinary home floor with glass floor design now!

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