Create Open Space to Gather with Big Family

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Create Open Space to Gather with Big Family 17

Having a large family means that we also need a bigger room. It would be very inconvenient if the room is too narrow that cannot accommodate all the family. However, it can be outsmarted by conducting an open concept of the living room, dining room, and kitchen just like in this family’s house. Located in Vancouver with an area of ​​2880 square feet with four bedrooms and four bathrooms, they needed an enough space to gather with family, at least more than enough for 8 adults.

Designed by Marianne Amodio from Novell Design Build, this open space looks nice, charming, and roomy. In the living room area, everything is in neutral color, white and beige. By using minimalist design furniture, it was very inviting to just relax there.

Moreover, no longer need to be confused to find a partition as she used the fireplace to divide the living room with a dining area. Fitted with various tiles with colorful and random composition up to the ceiling, it looks so dazzling and eye-appealing. This raises a cheerful impression which is then spreading to the dining room and kitchen.

Although it looks simple and minimalist with only using wooden tables and chairs, Novell team made it look a bit modern with the addition of white pendant lighting in various sizes. Besides the installation of flooring gray that looks like terrazzo when in fact it is concrete floor mixed with glass chips, it look harmonious with other furniture, isn’t it? While the kitchen given bright shades with light wood of Canadian maple trees. Amodio used sliding cabinets and stainless steel shelves which contributed to the overall look, light and bright.

This room design is suitable for a large family so that all individuals can gather and freely play and move from one room to another.

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