Simple yet Chich Living Room Without Sofa

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Simple yet Chich Living Room Without Sofa 2

If you think that there should be a sofa in the living room, you are wrong. When Maria Killam redecorated her clients’ living room in Vancouver, she pulled out the sofa and put four chairs and one round coffee table. What is the reason? It is because sofa usually only occupied by two people regardless of its size. It is really different if we use chairs. They provide more place to sit more than a sofa. They are also easier to move if residents need more floor space for many people.

The four seats are placed diagonally around a round coffee table, a classic setting. With beige on the seats and glossy black finish on the legs of the chairs, they look very harmonious with black high gloss coffee table. The use of beige will warm the room, especially if it placed in front of the fireplace like this. No longer need other warm colors around the fireplace. Even if the fireplace is not ignited, the warmth will still be felt throughout the room.

Killam was using the built-in cabinets with black color on the left and right side of the fireplace. It can be used for storing books, displaying photographs and storing knick-knacks that you like. The installation of striped curtain with orange and brown colors added the warmth of the room. Moreover, with the use of cream and beige colors in furniture made the whole room has elegant yet soft appearance.

While for the decoration, as designed in the narrow room, it did not use too much decoration. Simply putting a nature-themed painting above the fireplace and adding two candlesticks on the mantel that seemed to flank the painting to give a romantic impression. The adding decoration such as flower vase on the table will further enhance the ambience. It looks more attractive with extra cushions that have matching colors with the color of the walls.

Simple yet Chich Living Room Without Sofa 1

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