Boy’s Room Decoration in Black and White

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All this time, people often use bright colors like blue for the boy’s room and add some decoration like stickers or pictures of their favorite cartoon hero. Did you know you can also display a spectacular boy’s room only with a combination of black and white just like the design of the room above?

Black usually seems frightening and bleak, while white always looks too pale and innocent, but they can be playful. With a little creativity and a play of form and texture, using those eerie color can change the room’s atmosphere became noticeably shocking and funny. Without the need of many colors and intricate details, the boy’s room could be fun.

Everything is black and white starting from dark hardwood flooring which is then coated with a black and white carpet to multifunctional white bed – there is a drawer at the bottom that can be used as a storage area for ​​the child’s toys or books. To strengthen the atmosphere, they also used black and white striped bed linen and pillow. A little addition in other accents is also useful in order to not get boring such as the gradation color from black to white, gray cushions, and a cute doll in black and white.

While on the walls, Christmas tree wallpaper mounted only on one side of which add to the splendor of the room. While on the other wall, displayed a framed picture animal shapes. Hung next to framed picture is a cute board to help child write and wall stickers in the form of alphabet that will help children recognize letters and learn to read.

Decorating a boy’s room with black and white was not complicated like what people imagine before. Focusing the attention to detail and a simple decor will make a child’s room become more artistic. So, who says black and white is boring?

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