Spectacular Kitchen Make Over – Before and After

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Do you feel your kitchen dreary and want to make it over? Just look at the difference of those pictures. At the first picture, the kitchen feels gloomy, cramped and dull yet classic while at the second picture it becomes full of light and excitement with a fresh new look that is very modern and luxurious.

What the architect did was repainted the entire room with white, from the walls, roof, and cabinet that looked like blended with the wall. The use of white color in interior design gives the effect of a bright, clean, and airy. If it uses in cramped spaces, it will make the room with limited dimensions becomes wider than the actual size.

Countertops which were previously made of black granite replaced with bright white marble to match the theme of the room. In order to feel more luxurious and classy, ​​they attached marble and mirrors for the backsplash. The artistic feel spread to entire room by using brick ceiling that shows differences in color so it looks very dramatic when juxtaposed with the white kitchen.

To be more noticeably changes, the lighting had to be changed, from pendant lighting with warm yellow color to be luxurious and glamorous chandeliers. This lighting is used as one of the centers of attention in the kitchen.

However, the focal and important point is the kitchen island under the dramatic brick ceiling. It used as the original with black wood finishing in order to truly becoming a real focus on the kitchen especially with the laying of the island that is located just below the brick and chandeliers, further adds the luxurious impression. They also removed the ornaments on top of the cabinet in order to give roomy impression. They also changed the bar stools into white high chairs with a striped pattern.

What do you think? Are you interested to transform your kitchen to be like this?

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